Reviews for Anthony E Joseph, MD


Dr. Joseph does amazing things for my degenerative spinal issues and old knees. Amanda is amazing, diligent and effective. So glad Dr. Joseph is here! John.

   — John Sigler


Dr. Joseph and his nurse Amanda are amazing. 🙂

   — Marie


Great service-good explanation of medical issue-good experience. Everyone I encountered on this visit did a fantastic job! Thanks.

   — Jamie Stuart


Dr Joseph is the best!

   — Jill Yost


I drove 250 miles one way to get help from Dr Joseph He is the best

   — Bill And Sharon Miller


Dr. Joseph is the best! Amanda is amazing and takes good care of me. Drake is a great asset to the team!

   — Sherman Schmidt


Dr. Joseph helps my lower back, hip and knee pain. I trust his judgment and expertise!

   — Jeannie Bybee


Dr. Joseph is outstanding in his field. He did my carpal tunnel surgery and just as he said I was back to using my hands in no time. I would definitely recomend him and his micro surgery techniques to everyone. He also had a great attitude and seemed to care genuinely about his patients.

   — Mike Stoddard


Dr Joseph is very knowledgeable and gives explanation that are easy to understand. His staff are very kind and helpful. Very please with my carpel tunnel release

   — Tina De Giuli


Dr. Joseph is an amazing doctor. He is very attentive and thorough. He has been very helpful both diagnostically and treatment wise. I highly recommend him.

   — Katie Pierce


Dr. Joseph is clearly a doctor who cares. He listens to concerns and is both practical and knowledgeable in his medical advice. He speaks clearly and concisely when explaining issues related to medical needs. Both he and his staff are personable and helpful; I will definitely use them again, if needed.

   — Mariya Yadon


Dr Joseph, and staff are really great to work with, very professional and are straight shooters. I would recommend their service to anyone.

   — Don Beamis


Dr. Joseph is an amazing doctor, he is knowledgeable about all the non invasive hand procedures and the cause of those problems. After my Carpal Tunnel surgery and trigger finger release he ask me to talk to my family Doctor about an Echocardiogram as there are certain heart diseases that can cause those two things. I followed his advise and the Echocardiogram was done. Dr. Joseph literally saved my life! They didn't find the heart disease he was looking for but they did find a Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm that interactive could be deadly, especially where it is located in the Ascending Aorta. My thanks to Dr. Joseph for a pain relieving Bilateral Carpal Tunnel repair and a Bilateral Trigger Finger release, as well as suggesting that I have the Echocardiography done. I will be forever grateful.

   — Ann Ropp


Dr. Joseph really went above and beyond to help my husband return to full function. He tore a tendon in his forearm and it was hurting him a lot, especially since he works construction. It wasn’t repairing/healing and we were really worried my husband was not going to be able to work anymore. Luckily Dr. Joseph suggested a PRP injection and with in a few months my husband was healing and able to work. We really appreciate Dr. Joseph and his staff!!

   — Shayla Leon


Very easy to talk too and listens.

   — Donna


He is always so helpful and professional

   — Diana Bernasconi


Dr. Joseph is incredible! He fixed a traumatic Baker’s cyst after just 2 visits. I had my knee drain and none could tell me why it kept filling up. Dr. Joseph didn’t like the way the fluid looked and sent it to the lab. Sure enough, gout. He treated the gout and four years of misery gone. Brilliant diagnostician!

   — DJC


Dr. Joseph is incredible, 5 star. He fixed a traumatic bakers cyst in 2 visits. I had it drained at least 12 times over 4 years by several providers and they never tested the fluid. He sent the fluid to the lab and sure enough, gout. Four years of misery gone. Brilliant diagnostician!!!

   — Dan Cochran


Dr. Joseph understands the mindset of athletes and wanting to continue at the same (or slightly reduced for the aging athlete) hah. He constantly conveys with his colleagues what are the best options for procedures . I appreciate all the extra research he has done for me to provide the best outcome possible .

   — Stephanie Liddle


I was treated courteously and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction

   — Philip


Dr. Joseph is the best doctor I have ever had. He keeps up in his field, researching new techniques (especially in regenerative medicine) and goes to conferences that will benefit his patients. He spends the time necessary to address your concerns. I have never felt that he rushed an appointment. He will thoroughly explain the issues at hand, will answer any and all questions, and then pursue a treatment plan that you both agree on. He listens to his patients. He genuinely cares about his patients and will go beyond what is required. He is a wizard with the ultrasound machine. In my last appointment, he performed an additional procedure that would enhance the outcome of my stem cell injection. He is personable and a pleasure to be with. His assistant Amanda is outstanding as well. She is the first friendly face at an appointment. Her knowledge is superior, and she and Dr. Joseph work together like a well-oiled machine. She will follow up and answer any questions you may have regarding past or upcoming appointments. They are a dynamic duo that I would recommend without hesitation to anyone who had orthopedic concerns.

   — Jane Gibson


It’s been 16 yrs of pain in my right hip that has caused constant pain. I have been to physical therapy and was told there was nothing that they can be done. I have seen numerous Doctors that have given shots to help with pain for a short time the pain was slightly gone then it would. Come back and no diagnosis. MRI, ultrasounds and xrays and still no diagnosis. After referral to Different specialist I was told nothing that they can do. Final I was referred to Dr. Joesph and he reviewed my MRI, xrays and did a Ultrasound and did any strength test on my hip muscle and was surprised that my gluteal muscle of my right hip wasn’t firing. With physical therapy that worked with athletes and hip specifically , inSoles for arch support my right hip started feeling better and after month my strength in my hip was stronger and less pain. I would refer Dr. Joseph to anyone with pain. He started out conservative and worked with me till he found the issue that caused my pain. Very professional and kind. Thanks Dr. Joesph.

   — Kirstian Gabiola


I’ve had multiple visits over many years! He has helped me in many areas with many different modalities! He is always kind,caring, and very informative about what you need and what he is doing! A great attribute is his desire and passion for learning and improving our health care! He is outstanding at preserving and maintaining natural function with supplements like syn-vis, stem cells, trigger points, steroids, all of which I have had used on me over my many years of personal care with Dr Joseph! I can’t think of any finer medicine man than him! He has my highest recommendation. He also has a great staff. His long term nurse Amanda has a heart of gold and treats patients like friends ! He has been a great volunteer at both college and high school sports events over many years in Pocatello. His sports medicine has treated some big name athletes to higher more successful careers! You are blessed if you choose Dr Tony Joseph. I have had a more comfortable, active life, due to him!

   — Dr Jack Mooney


Doctor Joseph is an amazing physician, I would highly recommend him to anybody who is even considering the need for an orthopedic specialist. He is honest, friendly, and will give you an honest assessment of what he can or cannot do for you.

   — Taylor


Dr. Joseph is a very knowledgeable physician that uses a very practical approach to treatment. Ive used him personally and professionally with my U.S. National Team Gymnasts. I highly recommend him for all walks of life.

   — Justen Millerbernd


I Went to Tony Joseph several times this year and had excellent results each time with my PRP treatments.

   — Went To Tony Joseph Several Times This Year And Ha


Explains everything in a way even young patients understand what is going on, knows what he is talking about and will work you to avoid surgery.

   — Rodney

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