Reviews for Cody Martin, MD


Dr Martin is very professional and prompt. He replaced my right hip and thing’s couldn’t be better. For the first time in years I can walk up and down stairs using both legs normally, without having to lead with my good leg. I still have a back issue but no longer have to use a cane to walk. He made a referral for my back and also for a great place to vacation. Strongly recommend this Doc Patrick (Frank) Flynn



Absolutely a 5 star Surgeon. Respectful in all counts. I began having pain with my first hip replacement I had gained by another surgeon 6 years ago. I began communicating with Dr. Martins clinic about my troubles with the first replacement elsewhere. They began the journey of finding out what was going on with the first. After Total hip revision surgery with Dr Martin I have found it is night and day. Thank you to you and your PA and Jill for tending to me. I’m three weeks out from my surgery and on the mend just now. What a journey we all have been through to correct a bad first go around from another surgeon. I’m grateful for you and your staff not giving up on me and helping me have a more fulfilling life ahead with my little family. Highly recommend, wonderful clinic and hospitality. Grateful 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

   — Celticqueen


Where to start ? I’ll make a long story short. Ha Ha I am a 65 yr old Male suffering with arthritis and bone on bone Rh knee for over a year. I searched for a surgeon to help me with treatment and possible replacement of my Rh knee. I contacted Dr Martin’s office after narrowing down my research. The receptionist that answered my call was very friendly and helpful, and got an appointment set up quickly “one star”. I meet with Dr Martin and we went over my medical history “ Have been treated by arthritis Dr’s for over a year prior to by visit”. He used a fine tooth comb and we went over just about everything. Very professional, but way easy to talk to. He explained all about what direction I might take and remained silent, so I could ask questions. I had plenty. Then he addressed my questions with answers using words I can wrap my head around. “Really” “Two star’s “ He set some goals that he wanted me to meet before surgery if I could, and I did. After meeting my goals I meet with him again to set up surgery for Total knee replacement. This appointment and surgery schedule was done ever Professionally and quite quick. Dr Martin and Staff where all very friendly, nice, easy to talk to and joke around, but very professional when it was needed. “Three stars” Surgery came and Dr Martin and all the Staff at Portneuf Medical were all Top notch Professional and VERY Caring people.”You will not find any better people, no matter where you go.” “ Four stars” Everything went great. Now for the fifth star. Two week and eight week follow up and all question in between follow up appointments were top notch. Dr Cody Martin is one of the best surgeon’s you could go to and the Portneuf medical and all Staff there are special people. Ask Dr Martin about April Fools if you get a chance to meet him.. Sorry for long post I could go on for ever about the care I received. By for now Rocky Salvesen

   — Rocky Salvesen


Dr Martin and his stuff were the best. I couldn't ask for better care. Thank you so much for taking care of me and getting me back on my feet.

   — Lori Ledford


Dr Martin is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. He has multiple follow-up visits to ensure full healing process is complete. His staff is excellent and very professional.

   — Steven Wadsworth


Dr. Martin was very professional. I am very pleased with the surgery results. Good bedside manner. I have no complaints.

   — Ann Knighton


Dr. Martin did a great job. He answered my questions and explained all the options to better knee health. Thanks!

   — Michelle Butterfield


I was scheduled for hip replacement January 29th 2021. I arrived at the hospital at 5:45 a.m. check in was on the table at 7:30. The surgery was completed at approximately 10 a.m. I met with dr. Martin about an hour later. He answered all the questions I had and I was released from the hospital all within 8 hours. Dr. Martin is an excellent surgeon very knowledgeable customer friendly. He explained everything to me in great detail and allowed me to go home. On Saturday January 30th mid-morning dr. Marten called to see how I was doing. On a Saturday :-) truly a professional. All of the staff that I met at Flagstaff Medical Center we're outstanding you could tell they all like their job.. They have definitely raise the bar I am hoping I never have to another surgery however if I do for the other hip he is the man.

   — Jerry Gnerre


Dr Martin was awesome! Showed me my xrays (I fractured my ankle) and explained everything I needed to know about what to expect during my healing period. I would definitely recommend him if you need orthopedic work

   — Lynn Taylor


NAO's team is the best, helpful from all that which is unexpected from a joint surgery. Doc Martin's diagnosis was spot on.

   — Steve Breer


It was my 2nd appointment with N. A. O., my 1st with Dr. Martin; as with my prior appointment, everything went well, and I am very satisfies thus far with N. A. O.; both drs. listened to my concerns and explained my options. I have since seen a 3rd dr., and I have no plans to look elsewhere for my orthopedic needs.

   — Richard Sheldon


I have had 10 knee surgeries including two knee replacements. When I needed a knee replacement for the second knee, I searched, and went to three doctors. My choice was Dr. Cody Martin. With all my history, I was reluctant, and a bit sceptical. After several months of appointments with Dr. Martin I was confident that I made the right choice! I had complications with my first knee replacement, so my anxiety was a bit elevated, and, due to the pandemic, appointments and surgery were a bit more complicated. I went ahead with the replacement surgery. After 7 weeks post op, I am mountain biking 15 miles, hiking 8 miles, and doing trail maintenance work. I am in my upper 60's and overjoyed with my results. I believe at least 7 of my friends are now seeing Dr Martin for various knee/hip issues. I don't have words to explain how pleased I have been with my results. Dr. Martin was with me the entire way; I have always been comfortable with asking any questions, or expressing any concerns. Look no further, Dr. Martin is a true gem in his field.

   — Ann Hendrickson


I just finishing having my 3 month check up with Dr. Martin for a hip replacement. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Dr. Martin did a fantastic job surgically. My hip is perfect. More than anything I found Dr. Martin to be one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever known and I’m 73. He also makes sure that you understand everything he tells you and listens to what you have to say. I know that if I have to have the other hip done I will definitely go back to Dr. Martin.

   — Marilee Stemmler


What a fabulous experience performed by a fabulous surgeon! Dr. Cody Martin is definitely an expert in in his field and possesses the most current knowledge and professional skills required for the most complicated of surgeries. My total knee replacement surgery required precise surgical work because I have a foot that was crushed years ago and had required multiple surgeries to fuse the bones in order to walk again albeit painfully. Knowing I needed the most precise surgery to successfully align the foot, knee and hip in a straight order, I did my research and believed I needed a surgeon who was a master in using the Mako Robotics Arm-assisted equipment for my full knee replacement. I live in Pinetop, AZ, Dr. Martin is in Flagstaff, AZ, but the specialized equipment used for the Mako Robotics surgery is only at Honor Health Hospitals in Phoenix, AZ. There was alot of driving, but well worth the time, the miles driven and the expense to have the best surgeon and equipment for a successful surgery. Dr. Martin was thorough in his clinical evaluation of my health, informative as to what I needed and what I should expect before, during and after the surgery, and his follow-up calls to inquire as to my progress and health were greatly appreciated. His kindness and attentiveness showed he cared about me as a patient from the minute I first met him and continued throughout the weeks of physical therapy. From the time I left the hospital, my new knee felt secure and strong. My recovery has been fast and now six weeks after my surgery I walk with no pain and am grateful for the choices I made. Retaining Dr. Martin as my surgeon and having the Mako Robotics equipment and method implemented were the best decisions made and I would recommend them both whole-heartedly to my friends and family. Thank you, Dr. Cody Martin.…you are indeed the best!

   — Georgine Nielson


Dr. Cody Martin was very informative concerning the issue I had with my knees. He was very caring.My visits with Dr. Cody Martin have been good.

   — Dolores Renfro


It's been a while to find a doctor that noticeable cares for their patients & do not see $ signs when the person walks in. He has shown with his dedicated time & good listen the 1st step to be a great doctor. 2nd he took the time to search for previous results to try to understand background of the problem to give me a real diagnostic without trying to scare me and give me an extreme outcome. He is very practical taking actions step by step to solve the problem. Dr. Martin have proven that still I can have hope to find excellent doctors that love and care for what they do. In addition, I can say he knows to explain the problem to the patient without being so technical so I could understand in an easy way how to take care of myself. Thank U Dr. Martin U R so great on what U do. I commend you to anyone that can need your services. God bless U 😊

   — Annie Welker


In December of 2018 I had a consultation with Dr. Martin. On the morning of 12-28-18, I was already having the surgery needed for my right knee replacement. It has made a huge difference for me, and I am ready for my left knee replacement tomorrow morning 😷8-30-19. Dr. Martin always has a smile on his face, no matter what (and the fact that he is so handsome doesn't hurt either... lol😉). It just seemed easy to get my surgery scheduled each time without months of waiting and some sort of problem arising.👍Thank you Dr. Martin!

   — Ingrid Sol


Dr. Martin is very thorough and knowledgeable. He answered my questions very well, and unlike Drs in my past, took the time to show me my x-rays and explain everything to me, instead of taking the "you need surgery" approach. What a relief!

   — Erin Ewing


Friendly, informative and provides full explanation.

   — Linda Baier


Please add five more stars to Dr. Martin’s rating! What a special person he is, to say nothing of being a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. 1. He treats you with professionalism and tender care. 2. As a result, you know you are in safe hands. 3. Is always willing to answer questions. 4. Those answers are based on the latest research and findings. 5. Dr. Martin includes you in the decision making process. 6. He provides careful and thorough follow-up. Being a nurse, I’ve worked with other physicians that are worth complimenting....Dr. Martin exceeds those physicians. I’m a thankful, appreciative, “no more hip pain” patient!

   — Laurie Gargione


Dr. Martin was very clear in his assessment of my ankle. He admitted that the office is in somewhat of disarray with the leaving of Dr. Diefenbach. I am attempting to follow his suggestions and am waiting to hear when you have a new Foot and Ankle Dr. I would recommend Dr. Martin to my friends.

   — Ron Folkwein


My experience with NAO, Dr. Martin and the hospital is some of the best medical care I've ever received. In every case I was made to feel like I was their only patient - the care was that good. They would be my first call if I need future medical care. Dr. Martin and his staff patient focus put me at ease and Dr. Martin's total explanation of the procedure and likely results made me comfortable and confident I could not be in better hands. BTW - I rarely give a 5 star review - this case it is warranted.

   — Sal Esposito


I appreciated that Dr. Martin took the time to thoroughly assess what's causing my chronic pain. He didn't discount what I thought may be contributing factors, but rather acknowledged them and then discussed further what he was concerned for as well. As a medical professional myself (ER nurse), I'm always observant of beside manner, and I left with a positive experience of feeling respected by Dr. Martin. He empowered me with the proper education and made me feel confident and comfortable with the plan of care we agreed upon.

   — Mykensie Halily


Dr. Martin listened to my concerns and many questions. He is knowledgeable and will continue his care through to recovery.

   — Mykle Whiting


Dr. Martin is one of the best doctors I've ever met with. He listened closely to all of my symptoms and concerns. His questions were thoughtful and made me know he understood my needs. He recommended some non-invasive treatment options and excercises that helped me get to a place of healing where I was pain-free. Highly recommend him for a thorough and thoughtful experience.

   — Christine Carruth Frandsen


I have known Dr. Martin both professionally and personally for a number of years. I trust him and his abilities fully. He is a doctor with integrity, intelligence, and ingenuity. He knows how to solve problems and accomplish tasks in a way to get the best outcomes. He has our full confidence and we will use him for all our orthopedic needs!

   — Justin Frandsen

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