Reviews for Debra Rodriguez, CNS


Debra Rodrigues is very good at sharing information and explaining what we need to do and why we need to do it. I feel a lot of trust in her assessment and treatment.

   — LaVell Miller


Deborah is very helpful and always checks me out well, health wise and makes good suggestions. She understands my problems, notices needs and doesn't roll her eyes much.

   — Judy Dawson


debbie is a awesome doc

   — Wally Watkins


Great doc shows lots of care.

   — Russell Hansen


Very happy with the care I have revived. Debra is very caring and personable.

   — Kim Werth


Ms. Rodriguez is thorough and easy to talk to. I feel she listens to me and is determined to get down to the problem. Totally impressed!

   — Carolyn Ursenbach


Debra was great, this was my first appointment with her, I was impressed by her attention to detail, and how thorough she was... hopefully she'll stick around as she's my third different CNS I've seen in the past year and a half.

   — John M.

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