Reviews for Gus Blad, FNP-BC


Gus was so nice felt very comfortable with him. He and his assistant in training explained everything and showed me X-rays which I don’t think most doctors do. Thank you

   — Bethine Ames


Lucky we have Gustin Blad as a healthcare professional! He’s kind and considerate

   — Jim


Excellent visit. Gus is an excellent provider.

   — Dave Weller


Gus and his staff are awesome... The most professional people I know !!!

   — T Han


Very good all around.

   — Robert Card


Top notch care 👌 every time I go in

   — Terry McFarland


Gus always takes time to hear my concerns and then offer any solutions that he thinks will be appropriate

   — Bruce Evans


Dr. Blad is very professional and polite. He explains his findings in a easy to understand manner.

   — Paulette Cunningham


Very nice and knowledgeable Doctor and stuff.!

   — Martin Gutierrez


Routine 6-mo asthma & sleep apnea check; excellent appointment

   — David Weller


Gus Blad FNP, gives the most thorough lengthy explanation we have ever experienced. Complete with labs & film. He's also caring, funny and the most pleasant medical professional we've ever had the pleasure of seeing. We both rate Gus above all others 5 stars isn't nearly enough.

   — Nancy & Dwight Goodnight


Absolutely the best care. Gus is very through and listens to what you have to explain and relates back what he and the staff feel is the best solution. I never feel like they are trying to hurry and get the patient done and out. Confidence, caring and knowledge best explains Gus and the clinic. All the staff really do care.

   — Sharon


Very friendly and professional. Expressed concern about my fears and assured me that the treatment would help

   — Gary Davis


I always feel like I matter, I’m so glad I have such good care. Very professional. I highly recommend him.

   — Southeastern1000


Gus was prepared for the visit having studied breathing test results. He covered x-rays with me and decided to get a CT scan to get a better view of both lungs. Was very happy with his knowledge and the amount of time to cover my concern,

   — Randy Quinn


Gus cares about his patients. He takes the time to listen and looks you in the eye and talks to you. I am an older person and he does not talk down to me or over my head to my daughter who comes with me. He actually talks to me. AND, he listens. This is way above what I get by many of the other doctors I go to. Especially in the ER.

   — Pat Burton


My experience with Gus Blad over the years has been exceptional. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and spot on helping me. Thanks Gus

   — Art Phelps


very professional and informative, I have high regard for Gust and his abilities. Dr. Gene Wray

   — Dr. Gene Wray


I have been seeing Gus Blad for about 6 years. He is always professional; makes sure you understand everything about your visit before you leave and goes over test results with you so you understand them.

   — Julia





After checking in I was taken right into one of the patient rooms. No waiting! Hillary was the Medical assistant who ran all the vitals and updated my file. She was very thorough and when she was finished, as She exited the room She said that She would advise Dr Blad that I was ready. I expected a long wait but, it was only a minute or two and Dr Blad came right in. Dr Blad went over a report about my C-Pap usage that showed I was doing pretty darn good on it compared to the old machine I had been on. I told him that I was sleeping more soundly compared to before.

   — Thad Hale


One of the best health providers I’ve seen in a long time. He was more than happy to answer any questions I had and explained all the test results in a way that was easy to understand.

   — Noel


Best respiratory care I've ever received.

   — Mk


Gus was very personal and professional in his explanation and treatment for my sleep apnea I would highly recommend him to anyone

   — James Tiede



   — Barry Everett


It was on time and informative

   — Joe Jensen


Great appointment, listens attentively, answers all questions

   — Dave


I’ve had asthma for many years and it is under control very well, but when I have an attack, usually brought on by flu or a cold, I need help quickly. Gus has a plan and is embellish to help me when I need it most! He’s an excellent listener and that is important in a medical personnel, because the patient knows their body better than anyone! I’m so glad I found him.

   — Sandi Long


Very good! I appreciate the care that I receive from Gus. He is always knowledgeable, informative and pleasant. He is part of a team that makes time for me and are helpful. I recommend Gus for all your pulmonary needs.

   — Sue


He is very kind and explains things well.

   — E Sheffey


Friendly staff No long wait Answers questions Helpful

   — Cindy Luker


Great Guy very willing to listen to my concerns

   — Russell Hansen


Wonderful care, as always

   — Carolyn Sketo


I feel Gus is genuinely concerned about my wellbeing and makes me comfortable during my visits.

   — Idaho Red


Completed a telemedicine visit with Gus. He was very patient to address all my concerns and was reassuring.

   — Brent Faure


It is such a rarity to find someone in the medical profession who genuinely cares so much about patients and is willing to go the extra mile for them. I was a patient for a year before having to move away or I would be a patient for life. I've yet to find someone in my new town who is so understanding and helps me laugh off my anxiety so going to the doctor isn't so stressful, not to mention the vast improvement in my condition!

   — Keep Fighting

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