Reviews for Hannah E. Caulfield, MD


I made a mistake with the date prior to my most recent post. It was Nov 19,2019 instead of 2021.

   — Dana Hoffman


Obviously the date of the surgery in the previous post is wrong. It was Nov 19, 2019 and not 2021. The mistake just gave me the opportunity to add what a dedicated professional Dr Caulfield is and how easy it is to talk to her about anything on any level.

   — Dana Hoffman


Dr. Caulfield and her associate partner Dr Katie Fritz saved my husband's life. Nov 19, 2021 she preformed a multi organ removal on my husband due to pancreatic cancer. She beat her own odds bc after a visit to the oncologist as of today a year and a half later my husband remains cancer free. This couldn't have happened if not for her and Dr Fritz excellent work. You won't find a more friendly, honest, or professional Dr in Pocatello in my opinion. She preformed an appendectomy on myself and when my husband was diagnosed with cancer she was the Dr I asked to do his surgery and for what she has done I will be forever indebted to her.

   — Dana Hoffman


Dr. Caufield removed some excess skin. Realistic expectations were set before, during and after the surgery. She really listened to what I was saying picking up on a past medical issue that the questionnaire didn't address. Her professionalism, friendly and cheerful disposition made it easy for me to feel comfortable and confident in her abilities. I was amazed that she was able make my stomach area look so good.

   — Lisa Kitchens


Dr Caulfield has performed 4 surgeries on me so far. A port placement, 2 lumpectomies and a partial mastectomy. Not only is she an amazing surgeon, she's also a wonderful person overall. Dr Caulfield will answer every question you have with kindness and respect but also with honesty and knowledge. She might be young but based on her knowledge you'd think she's been practicing for 30+ years. I would never go to anyone else for breast surgery due to cancer.

   — Alia McHugh

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