Reviews for Jordan Bailey, MD


I love everyone in this office. So friendly, accommodating and helpful!

   — Tami


He takes the time to review the tests with the annual physical and never appears to be hurried even though it is a busy office.

   — Glenn McMinn


Follow up to mid year lab work. Dr Bailey is extremely thorough and mindful of my concerns.

   — KGL



   — Theodore Zuber


all questions were answered and I left feeling very well

   — Jon Roberts


A typical visit to dr bailey as he was as thorough as usual. Dr Bailey is most considerate and highly well informed and I always get the feeling that he truly cares about the health of his patients.

   — Jon Roberts


Dr Bailey is easy to talk to and to work out whatever needs to have done to come up with a diagnosis.

   — Linda McFarland


I have been going to Dr Bailey for several years now. I had A pc doctor in Blackfoot for a long time. I was not satisfied with the other doc because he treated you only for what was bothering you. I wanted a doc that did preventive treatment which is what Dr Bailey does. Every 6 mos I go in to see where I'm at and have lab's drawn etc.

   — Jan Klein

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