Tyson Harris, NP

Tyson Harris, NP
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5.0/5 (based on 1 Reviews)
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777 Hospital Way
South Medical Office Building, Suite 101
Pocatello, ID 83201
208-232-2195 / 208-233-2603
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Mon-Thurs 8-5pm, Fri 8-12pm
Education & Training: 
Gonzaga University
Idaho State University

Tyson Harris, NP holds a Master of Science degree in nursing from Gonzaga University. He earned his undergraduate in nursing from Idaho State University. He is a native of Pocatello and had a background in critical care nursing prior to earning his masters.

Mr. Harris works with Idaho State University Nursing Students with preceptorships and learning labs. He has worked in family practice, interventional pain management and cardiology. With such a diverse and extensive background, he is a good fit in the pre-surgery clinic where one of his primary roles is to assist patients to have successful surgical outcomes.

In his free time, Mr. Harris enjoys golf, biking, working in his year, and spending time with his family.

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Tyson Harris, NP

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Seriously, this practitioner applies as much knowledge as most MDs I have encountered. And it is more accessibly shared. Case in point, he lowered my blood pressure after two doctors failed to do so. He poses pertinent questions, gets to know you, well knowing that a clear picture will emerge only after the interlocking pieces of the puzzle (including those that fall on the floor) are assembled. In a word, he overlooks nothing. Moreover, he is supremely professional, but also personable (the two don't always go together). In short, for having enlisted his expertise, my health is improved...and my sense of well-being.

   — Geezer