How to Keep the Extra Pounds Off This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of hot chocolate, eggnog, gingerbread cookies and so much more. While you’re facing the temptations of tasting all the festivities, here are a few pointers to help you combat those extra, unwanted pounds and conquer your self-control.

When you’re at home:

Hide the snacks.

“Out of sight out of mind.” The less frequently you see those little holiday temptations, the less you think about them. If you know that your local department store is going to be serving free snacks on the third floor, avoid the third floor or go to the store on a different day.

Get plenty of sleep.

With busy schedules and increased levels of stress, you should aim for at least six to nine hours of sleep each night. Without an adequate amount of sleep, you may feel the urge to eat, as your body confuses being tired with being hungry.

When you’re at a party:

Eat something small before a party.

Party foods can be delicious, but not so nutritious. Avoid going on an empty stomach, that way you have more time to engage with others and less time to binge eat those cocktail meatballs. Choose to eat a small snack such as fruit, yogurt or a granola bar.

Use smaller plates.

With holiday buffets, it’s easy to get carried away and load up the largest plate possible. Choose a small plate and select items that you really want, not just the ones that look good.

Always have something in your hands.

When you’re mingling at the annual holiday party, you may feel awkward without munching on food or sipping another cocktail. Instead of grabbing more, opt for holding your clutch or a glass of water to keep your hands occupied as you socialize.

Remember the words “no thank you.”

Begin using that phrase when people offer you more. Practice your self-control skills to prepare for the time you walk through the grocery store and they give out free samples, or when you visit your aunt and she insists that you have seconds- politely use the words “no thank you.”

Stay positive this season. If you overindulge, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, acknowledge that you can do better and remember when the cheese platter comes around for the third time you can practice your willpower to say no now and thank yourself later.



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