Portneuf Medical Group

Team Approach to Hospital Care

According to the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, “Teamwork is essential for optimizing quality and safety in the care of hospitalized patients.”

Hospitalists are at the core of collaborative care. Unlike traditional doctors, hospitalists don't see patients away from a hospital. In fact, their sole responsibility is to care for hospitalized patients, from admission to discharge. Since they are near their patients’ bedsides and practice in the Medical Center, hospitalists can recognize and react quickly to any changes in their patients’ conditions, and when a patient or family member has a question or concern.

Our hospitalists manage the system of hospital care among the various specialties such as cardiologists, surgeons, laboratory, radiology and other disciplines to ensure the highest quality of care for each patient and they can personally address questions regarding condition, medications, diagnostic and treatment processes.

Timely, effective and ongoing communication between the hospitalist and the patient’s primary care provider ensures a continuum of quality care. Upon discharge, patients are referred back to their primary care physician.

Most of the country’s leading academic hospitals, including Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, and many regional and community hospitals have embraced hospital medicine. A growing vault of research yields strong clinical evidence that hospitalists programs help reduce patient length of stay, reduce hospital costs, improve efficiency of care for hospitalized patients, enhance quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

We believe every patient deserves quality, personalized care when they are staying with us. All PMC hospitalists are committed to putting patients first and to providing an outstanding patient care experience.

Service Providers

Krista Andersen-Harris, DO FACP
Hospitalist Medicine

Marc V Farnworth, MD
Hospitalist Medicine

Kolby V Johnson, MD
Hospitalist Medicine

Michael A McCormick, DO
Internal Medicine

Ignacio Morales-Carillo, MD
Internal Medicine

Tyler G Robertson, DO
Hospitalist Medicine

Trey D Rogers, DO
Hospitalist Medicine