Pre Anesthesia Testing (PAT)

Pre- Anesthesia Testing (PAT)

Reduce Risks

The goal of pre-surgery clearance is to review a patient’s medical condition and history, identify any unrecognized complications or risks and enhance the patient’s readiness for surgery. We look to reduce risks that accompany any surgical procedures, as well as provide recommendations for post-operative care.

This service is available upon referral by your surgeon. Depending on the request from your surgeon, you may receive a pre-operative phone consultation or be scheduled to see one of our team members in person.

A consultation with our Pre Anesthesia Testing (PAT) team, may include:

  • Review of your complete medical history;
  • Evaluate your current medications and/or supplements;
  • Perform laboratory or other diagnostic tests;
  • Discuss any chronic or acute concerns;
  • Provide information to help patient during their post-operative care.

Service Providers

Jimmy L. Jones, NP

Jimmy L. Jones, NP
Pre Anesthesia Testing (PAT)