Katie J. Fritz, MD

Katie J. Fritz, MD
4.7 out of 5 
General Surgery
Breast Surgery
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Board Certified: 
American Board of Surgery
Education & Training: 
Residency: Baylor University of Medical Center
Medical School: Creighton University School Of Medicine

Katie J. Fritz, MD is a board certified general and trauma surgeon and a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons. She attended Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska and completed her residency training at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX.

She has a special interest and expertise in general surgery, and an interest in the treatment of thyroid conditions, colon cancer, trauma and emergency surgery and breast surgery.

Dr. Fritz a product of the west having grown up on ranch in Chinook, MT, a small town in North Central Montana. She went to Carroll College in Helena, MT. After graduating, she left big sky country with a hope of returning to the northwest after completing medical school. Portneuf fulfilled that dream. It was close to Montana, but more importantly, she was attracted to the vision for the hospital to be the tertiary referral center in the region; the place in southeast Idaho to go for surgery.

She is a gourmet cook who likes to try new recipes and discover new flavors. She enjoys the outdoors and has rediscovered the joy of changing seasons since moving to Pocatello.

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Katie J. Fritz, MD

Featured Reviews



This is Wilson Curlee. Dr. Fritz repaired a colovesical fistula for me, which involved removing a section of my colon and sewing closed a hole in my bladder. This was done on Feb. 13, noninvasively, using laparoscopy, and I went home on Feb. 15. Recovery was very easy, due to the excellent pain management procedures used by Dr. Fritz and the hospital staff. Her surgical team was excellent, and I had no after effects at all from the anesthesia or the catheter placement. I was amazed at how well I felt considering what was done inside me. Dr. Fritz was recommended to me by my referring physician, by the doc who performed the screening colonoscopy, and by multiple hospital staff , who when they found out Dr. Fritz was doing my surgery, spontaneously said "Oh, she's good! You are going to love her!" She is very good. I trust her, and highly recommend her.

   — Jennice Curlee


Dr. Fritz is one of the kindest, best doctors I've ever seen! She came in, sat close to me, held eye contact and carefully explained what was going on and her plan to take care of me in an understandable way. I don't want to need more surgeries, but if that need arises, I would definitely choose her again. I highly recommend Dr. Fritz!!

   — Lisa Shinney


Dr Fritz is an amazing surgeon!!!!

   — Michael Bartmus


Dr Katie Fritz was amazing. I came to get for a second opinion. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I wasn’t comfortable with original treatment plan from first doctor. I definitely felt more comfortable with her treatment plan and just her overall. Would recommend Katie to any friends/family. No ragrets! Not one single letter!

   — Rachelle Quinn


Excellent care and great follow up after the surgery. Always concerned about my well being. Thanks

   — Joe Nelson


Five excellent stars for my experience with Dr.Fritz and her team!! Arriving with newly diagnosed breast cancer, feeling vulnerable with lots of fear, Dr. Fritz immediately took charge and gave me all the facts and how the surgery was going to go. She even advocated that now she was going to get “that tumor” and I could relax. I felt like I had a warrior with me!!! I loved how she commandeered the surgery and stayed with me during uncomfortable needle sticks in my breast! And we had wonderful conversations to detract me.... so I could calm down!!! She was very sensitive to the type of anesthesia used so I wouldn’t be sick. I know this is subjective, but when I tell people who my surgeon was- many say- “you got the best of the best”. I hope I do not need surgery again, but she is my choice. I really enjoyed the pink boxing glove pin she gave me to wear to help me fight!

   — Gail Dial


Dr Fritz is an amazing doctor! She was well prepared confident and knew exactly what to do She explained everything and was great with following up and making sure I was ok after surgery. A big shout out for her hard work and going out of her way to do what was best for me!!!.....Thank you again Dr Fritz



Dr Katie Fritz gave me excellent care. She rescued me when I had problems after my surgery and did another surgery and kept my organs going. She was very concerned and kept a close watch on me.

   — LaRie Peck


Great experience! She explained everything in detail so that I understood it, she made sure to answer all of my questions and never once acted annoyed or like any of my questions or concerns were wasting her time. She got me in as quickly as the scheduling would allow. She called my husband immediately after the surgery to let him know how it went and all of the details so he wasn't stressing.

   — Jessi Tarbet