Brake For Breakfast

The annual Brake for Breakfast, sponsored by Portneuf Medical Center is held the 1st Wednesday in October each year. The event starts at 6:15 am to continues until supplies run out. This drive-through event is free and open to the public.

Today’s woman is busy! She always has time for the kids, her work and her community but she often neglects her own health. Brake for Breakfast is an easy way to learn more about breast cancer and do something nice for yourself.

Free Physician Seminar

Join us as we get to hear from the newest member of our Portneuf Primary Care team, Kelli Christensen, MD

Kelli will be discussing:

  • What is Primary Care?
  • The role of a primary care physician in your health
  • Annual Wellness Visits 
  • Two simple steps toward improving health and quality of life

Click here to RSVP or call (208) 239 2033

Menopause and Headaches

For as many as 50 million people In North America, severe headaches can be completely debilitating and greatly interfere with an individual’s quality of life. For many women, headaches may go hand in hand with the hormonal fluctuations that come during pregnancy, menstrual periods or perimenopause. During the transition, when estrogen levels start dropping, a number of women, especially those with a history of headaches, experience an increase in the prevalence and/or intensity of headaches.