Wound Care Billing

Portneuf Medical GroupWound Care & Hyperbaric Center

Is an outpatient clinic of Portneuf Medical Group, You will receive two bills for the services provided to each visit at the Center. One from the Hospital and one From the Physician. Many times, you may need additional testing which may include laboratory testing, X-Rays, MRI’s or other clinical services.

The Hospital

When the hospital bills for services rendered at the Center, the bill is for the clinic visit charges and procedures charges (e.g.: debridement, graft, dressings, etc). Lab, x-ray, supplies and other ancillary services are billed at a later date by the hospital.

The Physician’s

Each physician who treats you will bill for their services separately.  These charges will be for the professional component of the services rendered.  There will be a clinic visit charge and a procedure visit charges for the services rendered.  There are different specialist that may be called to participate in your care, depending on the nature and complexity of your wounds.  The Wound Center physicians are specially trained in wound care.

The insurance company will know to pay for only one set of services by the codes used.  They will pay a portion of the services to the hospital and a portion to the physician.  You are not billed twice for the same services, however they are broken apart into two separate bills. If you have further questions on this procedure, please contact Portneuf Medical Group Business Office Customer Service at 877-893-1655.

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